Thursday, May 1, 2014

Exciting Invitations

Long time no update? heeee forgive me ;(

So, koas life will end in 2 weeks! How fast time flies! Of course I still have Internal meds, Peds, Surgery, and Obgyn, but let's not worry about them until August :D

Now I am on cardiology rotation, held in National Cardiovascular Center Harapan Kita, which is in Grogol, which is like 30 min bus ride from my place, which is why I've been so early birdie these days. Cardiology is FUN. Remember that times when I said I plan to be a cardiologist? I'd been discouraged since cardiology module on 4th semester was disappointing, but now that I am getting hands-on clinical experience, I remember why I want to be cardiologist in the first place.

Cardiology studies the heart. Heart is the "heart" of our bodies; disease of the heart can manifest in a hell lot of presentations. The common chest pain, the ugly swollen legs, the sudden blinding of the eyes, the cranky stomach, everything. Since heart pumps blood, and everything needs blood. So when heart fails, everything fails. All the more fun, studying the heart is sooo logical, I almost don't have to memorize anything as long as I know how the heart works! Unlike neurology when I have to memorize the neural pathways, in cardiology I just need to understand the normal heart cycle, and voila! I know what murmur in all four-auscultation-sites mean. This is what you'd call fun. Logic.

And after cardiology, I'll have 4 weeks holiday! I've already gotten a very interesting invitation to present my research in Groningen, The Netherlands. I need a lot of money though. I am working on it, since THIS IS GONNA BE MY FIRST EUROTRIP! KYAAAA!!! (I reeaaaallly wish I did the fundraising right, otherwise, who on earth has IDR20000000?? Well I guess a lot of people have, but I dont have 20M)

Should my Eurotrip fails (Which I hope WON'T), I still have another offer to be a LO in ..... drumroll..... INTERNATIONAL BIOLOGY OLYMPIAD a.k.a IBO 2014! The event of my dream! This year they're holding the IBO in Bali, Indonesia. Regisrations for volunteer had been commenced, and after a Youtube post and an interview, I GOT IN. I'LL BE IN IBO! heheheheheh forgive me for being overexcited, but this is really really exciting! I could only dream about IBO since I failed on OSP 2009, but now, I'll be joining IBO 2014 :") All thanks to Allah and superkind dr. K (head of EBM module) who agreed to arrange a special exam for me so I could join this IBO (I happen to be having an exam while IBO is in action, so I need to reschedule my exam) :D Well, can't wait for July 2nd!

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